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We provide Direct Market Access (DMA) to Stock, Bond and Commodity Markets.
Our solutions for Hedge Funds, Asset Management and Proprietary Trading Groups.
23 Jul, 2012
GloboServe2 Limited signs a contract agreement with Regus giving our consultants access to 1,200 Business Centres worldwide.
28 May, 2012
GloboServe2 Limited leased server space from Ubiquity NYC Data Center, 100 William Street, Manhattan.
25 Feb, 2011
GloboServe2 Limited opens a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers.
We specialise in the development of low-latency high-frequency trading platforms and real-time systems for financial markets.
Our main areas of focus are:

User Interface (UI) We apply complex adaptive systems development principles to build highly available self-validating and self-monitoring UI. We deploy real-time scheduling algorithms to guarantee the UI will respond within the defined real-time constraint.

Algorithmic Trading Our in-memory database and proprietary messaging system have been developed using non-blocking concurrency algorithms and parallel programming design patterns to deliver ultra-low latency and high throughput solutions.

Research & Development (R&D) We invest in embedded and real-time operating systems R&D. The aim of this project is to come up with the knowledge that will allow our trading systems to run directly on the hardware without general-purpose operating systems like Linux or Windows.
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